Ampersand Quadriga Smart Gold Fund
The Ampersand Quadriga Smart Gold Fund seeks to provide positive long-term returns that are positive during material equity market draw-downs (“crisis alpha”) and neutral to positive during benign equity markets.
  • The investor is the coach
  • Investment managers and strategies are your players
  1. Capital preservation (defense)
  2. Compounding capital (offense)
The “Smart Gold” Strategy was developed by Quadriga Asset Managers.
  • Partnership Model
  • $2.0b AUM
  • Large Multi-Disciplinary Team (90 employees)
  • Award Winning, Flexible Platform
  • Global Focused Thinking
Quadriga Asset Managers do not have a role in the management of the Ampersand Quadriga Smart Gold Fund, LP.
Diego Parrila
Quadriga Asset Managers
Chief Investment Officer

Diego Parrila is Managing Partner at Quadriga Asset Managers in Madrid and provides almost 25 years of investment management experience.

  • Co-author of best-seller “The Energy World is Flat: Opportunities from the End of Peak Oil.”

  • Sole author of “The Anti-Bubbles: Opportunities heading into Lehman Squared and Gold’s Perfect Storm.”

  • Selective contributor to leading media such as Financial Times, CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg TV, and Real Vision TV.



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